Your Oldest (encryption) Key

In a time before far greater problems were popularised regarding privacy and security, I’m assuming a lot of us created PGP keys, often uploading them to a keyserver. Due to the nature of keys being somewhat immutable and practically impossible to delete from any public (SKS) key server, there are a pile of them just sitting gathering dust as a relic to a bygone era.

I found a bunch of my old keys on SKS recently, - the oldest is from 1997. Can anyone beat that? (No evidence needed, it’s just interesting that out of everything that often dies off or gets purged from the internet, keys have stood the test of time, albeit in the sullied form of poisoned and compromised keyservers…)

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I have a drive with truecrypt on from 2004. It was a business backup which I kept offsite and has moved around the world since then. I hope it still works but can’t confirm :laughing:

My oldest gpg key on the key servers is from December 1998. I do not have the private key for it anymore. And without a revocation key it will not be deleted. It will stay there until the end of the world :wink:

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Alien 1 : “Our drone hive have decrypted a key file, belonging to the entity known as mbod…”
Alien 2 : “We believe the holy cache shall open now. Apply the code…”
Alien 1 : “Aaah… something known as a Geocities web… site…”
Alien 2 : “Truly wondrous! We must study their flashing “Under Construction” animation!”