Yay suddenly asks for password twice?

So I updated my notebook yesterday and after the regular updates it was updating Brave from the AUR and suddenly asked for my password again. I’m pretty sure that never happened before so I’m curious.

It is using sudo by default and if the sudo timeout hits between the repo update and AUR update, it will ask for the password again.

You can avoid this by using --sudoloop or putting that option in your config with yay --sudoloop --save


Hm, didn’t feel like it was taking longer than usual. I will check at next update and see if it happens again. Thx Dalto!

Also, if you close the terminal you firstly entered the sudo password in, then reopen a new terminal, it will ask for the sudo password irregardless of the time interval.

A new terminal window always requires entering the sudo password.


Ooh that’s gonna be handy for the longer compiles (looking at you proton-ge).

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Today’s update of brave browser for the first time asked me for a keyring-access (just like chrome-browsers normally do). Perhaps, that’s why the OP…