Yay sees different versions as recent on different PCs

Very strange - I think… I am usind 5 different PCs with endeavourOS. All are maintained well with yay. But on some there are updates for yay packages available which are not available at other PCs. I have looked if yay uses a configureable server to get the information (something like /etc/yay.conf) - but I cannot find any configuration files. What can be the reason that yay shows on three PCs
wsjtx 2.3.0-2
as the most recent version and at two
wsjtx 2.3.1-1

I must be more precise. On all PCs wsjtx 2.3.0-2 is installed.

On the ones where I cannot get updates using yay -Syu to the most recent version following strange can be observed:

yay -Ss wsjtx
aur/wsjtx 2.3.1-1 (+22 0.66)
Software for Amateur Radio Weak-Signal Communication (JT9 and JT65)

yay -Qau:
empty - nothing!

Also yay -Syu does not update to the 2.3.1-1.

On the PCs where I do not have this issue yay -Qau shows:
wsjtx 2.3.0-2 → 2.3.1-1

Version of yay is identical on all PCs.


Mirrors are probably different:

sudo reflector --score 10 --fastest 5 --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

These mirrors are only for pacman repositories - not for AURs.

You can determine source of yay packages list with
yay -Pg
and this is identical on all PCs:

I have played around a little bit and found more strange things:
The behaviour is dependent on the user who is running yay. Some users are showing the correct recent version, some are not. There must be something in the home directory which causes that.

What’s in the yay cache ~/.cache/yay?
Can you delete it in the problem machines?

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yay settings are stored in ~/.config/yay/config.json

Have you checked your pacman.conf to ensure that package isn’t on your IgnorePkg list?


Thats the solution! Users who have this issue do have a config.json - users who do not have the issue have an empty ~/.config/yay/

Deleteted the file → issue solved.

Many thanks for your your help!

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