YAY pgp signature corrupted

Today for the first time in almost a year, i have noticed YAY package pgp signature in corrupt condition.
I have removed it and installed paru.
Now please let me know how do i remove “go” package
If i am using sudo pacman -Rns go, then i am getting a message “target not found”.

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This has nothing to do with yay itself. It is related to the keyring:

Are you sure it is installed?


After yay package removal this time around, go package disappeared with out my intervention. Otherwise i always had this chronic issue of seeing “target not found” when ever i made an attempt to remove package using pacman -Rns go. Strange behavior though. Something dveloper and ISO tester to keep watch on for future releases.

If your package manager doesn’t remove go you can do it manually by deleting /usr/local/go
also remove the go binary from your PATH environment variable

see: https://go.dev/doc/manage-install

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