Yay password timing out

I’m trying to update brave with yay. The process takes over an hour, then the password dialog times out when I doze off. In the past, I could just do the update again, and it’s already to go so no time out issue. However, with this package it starts from the beginning every time.

Which Brave package did you install?

:: 1 Packages to upgrade.
1  aur/brave  1.1.23-1 -> 1.2.43-1

I remember I also had that problem with that particular package, it takes so long to build and compile. I know it is a sensitive issue with some users but have you tried the bin version?

I’ll have a go at that. Is there anyway to deal with the password timeout in general?

There seems to be a build time dependency issue. To get that right, you could report the issue at https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/brave/.

Alternatively you might want to use another brave version from AUR, e.g. brave-bin, which (as far as I know) is already pre-built. There are other brave alternatives too, like brave-beta-bin.

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This regularly happens to me on an old machine which takes quite long to compile stuff.
In this case I usually just check if the program completely compiled; which is mostly the case. I then just install this compiled package by hand.

So, just search for your compiled package in ~/.cache
It should be named something like brave*.pkg.tar.xz

Install with
sudo pacman -U brave*.pkg.tar.xz

Usually, there’s no need to “start from the beginning every time”.

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seems brave-bin does update quicker then the compiling :slight_smile:

When it comes to AUR, I always go with the one voted the most (if I come across multiple choices of the same app, getting a rough idea by reading some of the comments, too. In this case, Brave-bin is by far the most voted & have never had any kind of issues.

Your tip just saved me hours of compiling ungoogled-chromium!
Thanks for that!

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Does ccache not help? If you already had one in the build cache

It might, but what is ccache?

if you something already build and you configured the cache properly it uses some stuf to build quicker…

it become faster later but hard to explain :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t even try. I remembered this conversation here and went directly to ~/.cache as mentioned above.
I’ll try next time round…