Yay errors out

That’s pretty much identical to what Joe suggested, only a bit more compact. If you can access the mirrors, no need to do that. But do run sudo pacman -Syyu just in case.

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COOL and thanks

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Last question should I at this point like I suggested above just assume KDE is updating things on their end and that part of the issue will just eventually resolve itself?

I made a post to you but seems to be missing now, so I just add it to this one. No there is no compelling reason to run the beta other than I wanted to test it out. Since I was doing a fresh install of EOS I thought why not. I’ll try your suggestion even though it is suggested to put KDE at the top.

extra holds kde packages also, and they are older then unstable … this warning could go away after updating databases and system

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Thanks they’re not hurting anything and most of the time the warnings are just that, so yea I’ll just wait fir it to sort itself. Thanks again for the help and quick fix.

Forgot today is the official release of 5.20.

https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/09/kde-plasma-5-20-release-features#:~:text=Now%2C the stable KDE Plasma,set for October 13%2C 2020.