Yay as orphan

Last night i try to remove orhan files with the command
sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtd But this also it removes the YAY as orphan and i reinstalled it again. Is this something normal or i use wrong the command?

-Qdt does nothinh normal -Qdtq does :slight_smile:

imayby you removed something that was depended on yay since thats gone it became orphan, it sounds like that. -Rns is much saver then -Rnsc , cascade options way more and more riskfulll then )-rns

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Sorry i wrote it wrong -Qdtq i use

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Better to check first what that part of the command shows, before uninstalling it blindly… :wink:

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Although everyone thinks that yay is pacman, in himself he is not, now well; Before cascading pacman command, first use the yay commands:

yay  -Yc

and them

yay -Ps

Edit: my answer does not have much to do with the OP’s question, but still it never hurts, I leave it.

I did that. I am just curious why it show it as orphan. And what is the proper way to remove orphan

I would check orphans one by one. And if I’m absolutely sure I don’t need a particular package anymore, then I’d uninstall the package.

It is too easy to simply uninstall a bunch of packages. It can make your system either not working properly, or not booting at all.

All in all, I would not uninstall packages from a (newly) installed system unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Disks nowadays are very large, and a few gigabytes of unused apps is no big deal.

Sorry about this rant here, please don’t take it personal. I just (too) often see users wanting to uninstall many packages for no real reason. :wink:


Now i get it. Dont apologize. I must thank you for your answer!!!