Yay and *-git AUR package

Hi folks,
I have noticed a behavior that doesn’t check with what I know, and therefore I’m almost certain that what I know is wrong and I want to understand what’s happening.
As far as i know AUR *-git package doesn’t have a proper version right? And they will automatically update everytime there is a new commit on the main branch. But yesterday I’ve noticed, with eww-git in my case (but it is just a normal *-git package) that even if the developers had pushed new code, that I was tracking because solved an issue that I had with the software, I’ve to manually recompile and install the package. Running yay didn’t pull any update, but manually doing it correctly installed latest commit version. Am I crazy, something changed in how git package are handled or I’m simply wrong?

As always thanks for your time.

Did you check this post:


yay -Syu --devel

Ok I’m officially blind. Thanks and sorry for the useless thread

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