YAD window at login

Back then was well… back then.
This time it was today, after my new install at lunch time. I did two earlier reinstalls within 5 days and neither of them had this problem…

That’s even more strange! :upside_down_face:

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Hang on, testing something. brb asap.

Okay, weirder!
I just reinstalled reflector-simple and welcome (since I don’t use notifier, I use pamac for update checks and package search, although i use terminal for installing / removing packages)

No weirdness.

HOWEVER; I also had to switch to the LTS kernel since I got Xorg-caused coredumps at login with the latest dkms nvidia drivers (460) today which I also never had before.

So, switching to the LTS kernel stopped BOTH the coredumps AND the weird window appearing. So… weirder and weirder, but at least the LTS kernel handles all my hardware just fine so I stick on it for now.

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That’s interesting!

There are a lot of weird little bugs in the 5.10 kernel. Fortunately they seem to have caused only relatively small and/or annoying issues so far. Surely many of the bugs will be fixed in the near future as the reports reach the kernel dev team.

Fortunately we have the LTS kernel available! Let’s see how it goes when 5.10 gets the LTS status in Arch…

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And let’s remember the unofficial LTS kernels by @jonathon

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Not sure if this should be officially “Solution checked” or if this is just left as is until the next kernel update for verification?

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Good question!

Actually there are probably many threads out there (on many forums) that are just waiting for some upstream or external solution.

So its your choice.


Well, with 5.10.7 Xorg stops crashing at login but the YAD window still appears. So sticking with the LTS for now, it seems something doesn’t like something on my computer.

Is it so that the small yad window appears at login for a very short time and then disappears?

Yep, it closes by itself.

Do you have anything in this folder:

ls -la ~/.cache/sessions
bgeek @ ~
 >> ls -la ~/.cache/sessions
total 8
drwxrwxr-x 1 bgeek bgeek  174 14 jan 17.04 ./
drwxrwxr-x 1 bgeek bgeek  340 13 jan 18.06 ../
drwxrwxr-x 1 bgeek bgeek   22 11 jan 09.12 thumbs-endeavour-xfce:0/
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bgeek bgeek 2756 11 jan 09.21 xfce4-session-endeavour-xfce:0
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bgeek bgeek 2655 11 jan 09.12 xfce4-session-endeavour-xfce:0.bak

You could delete those files (xfce4-session-*) and see what happens after re-login…
I have nothing in that folder.

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INTERESTING. Yes the message disappeared.

Now the only question is why the frakk did the saved sessions get there to begin with since I never had that checkbox well… checked, and why did the message disappear when I switched to the LTS.

(Interesting trivia: The 5.10.6 kernel seemed to boot noticeable quicker than the 5.4 lts, BUT the 5.10.7 does not. Not sure what that means).

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So… the yad window does no more appear?

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Exactly. Emptying the


folder solved it. (Formatting this nicely for an easy to find “solution” checkbox :wink:

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Moving this to the Xfce forum since it seems to be an Xfce specific problem.

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I don’t really know the insider stuff of xfce4, but as far as I know, the only way to have those session files there is by using the session save feature.
And the time stamps are quite recent…

But I recommend to check a couple of times after rebooting if the files still exist there.

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Just did two reboots with 3 min waiting in between. Seems to hold up now. Thanks for the assistance, as usual.

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