Xorg going a bit silly

Hey guys, using my laptop today, and all of a sudden the mouse movement was stilted, everything started lagging, and so I managed to get htop open to see what was happening.
Xorg was hitting up to 92% CPU usage! Capturing a screenshot of that high point was not possible, as the screenshot app lagged also.
Anybody have a clue what’s going on?
Asus g531gt laptop with the Zen kernel 5.6.11, current packages.

Yes it is an xorg bug ( I see it in arch 100% of the time) … it happens on manjaro, archlabs, endeavouros I can only get MXLInuxOS 19.1-ahs to work correctly on my Dell i5 gen 10 Inspiron 5493. Solus Budgie almost works… POP!_OS has screen ghosting, It’s a horrible problem.

I am testing some Gnome desktops (Ubuntu, Solus, Fedora) . I believe it to be some form of regresssion problem… earlier releases worked, new ones not so much.

You might try this idea from (natemaia) https://forum.archlabslinux.com/t/new-google-al-iso-problem/4456/17

Please post any solution(s) you might find.