Xfce4-notifyd doesn't automatically restart (after newest update)

I’ve encountered some strange behavior regarding xfce4-notifyd after a recent system update. Version 0.6.2-2 from 2020-08-31 doesn’t work as expected.

Expected behavior:
I run some scripts that notify me about their status through notify-send. To clear these when a (sub-) process ends the scripts kill all active notifications with pkill xfce4-notifyd .
The next called notification will now still work because dbus is supposed to load it when needed; the xfce4-notifyd.service is (re-) activated when requested, e. g. by notify-send.

To test this normal behavior, run:

  1. notify-send test test --expire-time=0
  2. pkill xfce4-notifyd
  3. notify-send test test --expire-time=0

You can check the current status (= activated) with
systemctl --user status xfce4-notifyd

Broken behavior:
If I run 1., 2. and 3. from above, the last notification will not show. In fact, all notifications (Fn volume, brightness, eos-notifications, …) don’t show until I either restart or logout/login again -or- restart the service manually using /usr/lib/xfce4/notifyd/xfce4-notifyd .

systemctl --user status xfce4-notifyd
now reports
Unit xfce4-notifyd.service could not be found.

systemctl --user enable xfce4-notifyd
Failed to enable unit: Unit file xfce4-notifyd.service does not exist.

journalctl -b --user -u xfce4-notifyd
journalctl -b --user -u dbus.service | grep notifyd
don’t show any entries after updating to 0.6.2-2 .

Good news: Most of you probably won’t encounter this problem because the service isn’t interrupted, so you can probably just sit this one out and wait for an update that fixes it.

My (hopefully temporary) solution: Downgrade to version 0.6.1-1 and add to IgnorePKG.

:poop: That’s why there’s no “respawning” after killing the process.

If this is the new default, I’ll have to rewrite a couple of scripts (don’t know how to at the moment though) or even change to another notification deamon.

Don’t you just hate it when one of those “fixes” just mess up your workflow?


I’ll probably move to notify-send.sh, a drop-in replacement for notify-send (from libnotify) with the ability to update and close existing notifications.

It’s probably better to close existing notifications individually anyway and not kill the whole notification daemon :wink: .
It’s just that I’ll have to change quite a lot of scripts … :poop:

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was it a systemd service before? i was in the thinking it was not.

According to ArchWiki: Desktop Notifications, yes, it seemed to be a systemd service.

Quote [2020-10-07 21:00]:

" Xfce Notification Daemon […]
You can also run it via systemd for the current user: systemctl --user start xfce4-notifyd."

This now seems to be outdated information.