Xfce4 4.14 your toughts?

Removed my lxqt setup, installed xfce4 , and its awesome to have a xfce4-screensaver after all :slight_smile:


I tink it’s all blooming marvellous! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
loving my new desktop and my newly overclocked cpu and my fast internet!
And I particularly love France! Allez les bleus! Vive la revolution! And good night y’all :smile:
PS didn’t even know about the screensaver…:crazy_face:

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your welcome neighbour :slight_smile:


Updating before going to bed. Let you know in the morning :wink:

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It’s working fine at my side, but just in case others have issues with their window decorations like titlebar and minimize/maximize buttons missing, try the fix described here: Errors after updating to XFCE 4.14

The only thing I really noticed was that the old gtk+ theme package was abandoned.
During the update I got a “missing AUR package” message about it. I uninstalled it and nothing was depending on it anymore.

Updated without a problem. Seems to run just fine. It actually made my current theme look better on the panel. Seems to use about the same amount of RAM as before, too. Click/Drag windows seems nice and fluid. No screen tearing that I can detect, but I also added a .conf file for my Intel video before to stop that from happening anyway…I guess the two combined (v-sync changes & my .conf file) makes it better. Seems like a solid update so far. So, EOS just keeps looking better and better! I’m feeling good enough to recommend EndeavourOS if anyone asks me. (Most don’t, you understand. But, that’s not the point. :smiley: )

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I am running video out to LG 43" tv via HDMI. Since updating Xfce i have issues with it now when it loads the desktop and the video goes wonky sometimes for a second unitil it loads the desktop final image. It’s an older Radeon HD 7450 running just open source driver. The display settings in Xfce say’s it’s a 72" LG. It’s not a big deal but it wasn’t a problem before. I might load Cinnamon and see if it goes away. It seems fine on Arch labs Cinnamon. I will reload Xfce when the new ISO is out on Thursday and see.

got a vega 11 , just strange with the linux kernel in composition i got distortion from another treath with linux-lts fixed lol, but is defnitly on te compositor, the vertical is fused in that option is now gona in the settings, but nevermind.always liked xfce anyway even jumped to lxqt :slight_smile:

@ringo try this Xfce 4.14 Vega video graphics issue and fix

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ok didnt know that, vblank is merged intoo xfwm4 deeper with-lts works fine mayby i do the vblank fix also

Are there any plans to have the lock button working on Xfce?

Running fine here (VMs).

Live environment is another story. Panel icons lost their logo and became strings of numbers. This was not the case for opened applications, those were properly rendered.

Tested on two thinkpads with an intel + nvidia combo EDIT w/ 4K displays.

After final changes (if any) are posted to git for tomorrow’s “stable”, I’ll build another test .iso.

EDIT Common resolution displays (e.g. 1080) showed no signs of disparities or incorrect placement of icons/text.

I can live with this, XFCE can do no wrong. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Status bar? You mean the panel or the system tray?

Yeah, Android leaked for a moment there. :laughing: