XFCE4.14 Pre3: Is It Available to Try Out?

XFCE4.12 in stable is dated for my hardware, are pre-release versions of this great DE present in the repo?

XFCE 4.14 final and next EOS stable are on track for release this week! Would be nice to test out now.

Good question. Devs?

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There is no plan to package the new version. Just keep the version from upstream repository.

i see on xfce4 page 11-08-2019. Depends when arch package it. but i think for the 15th is it too early to have the iso on 4.14 i think. Even in archlinux.org is not marked als outoffdate.

you get those by an update, i dont know when arch will bring. sure some other distro will bring it asap i guess. but difference is between 4.14 and 4.12 is general the movement to gtk3. dont think is pretty hardware related?

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In version 4.14, XFCE joins the HIDPI race. Everything from UHD TV’s, gaming PC monitors, to laptops with high-res displays gain much-needed representation in the DE space.

User access to XFCE 4.14 means anyone can boot and enjoy EOS!

Truthfully speaking, my computers need to be free from KDE’s grasp.

Agreed, I stand corrected.

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:+1: yeah on that is correct cause of the gtk3 , ok… is for the hardware indeed better :slight_smile: im just an lxqt user , but for the 15th is stil to early , release is official today for 4.14 (11-08)

hopefully it doesnt stay toolong in testing

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but i think this week 4.14 comes by bits and pieces in , thats good news in fact.

I just updated most of xfce to 4.14. It’s in the Arch repositories.

Topmost repos were outdated, reflector did me dirty.

Testing XFCE 4.14 final and it’s perfection as it stands.

Haven’t been this giddy over linux since fwupdmgr and nvme tools. :sob:

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updated just xfwm4 ; just made me cry , seems a option gone… Vertical something in compositor , then i have to switch it off lol

Update everything then lol.

But seriously, Arch moved XFCE 4.14 from [testing] to [extra].

XFCE4 Group (Arch).

EDIT Sorry @ringo, misunderstood your concern.

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Apparently no longer needed. My tearing-test videos still play fine without the setting.

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I can’t update to 4.14.
Its still showing 4.12 in my machine

it’s still on the archlinux testing channel

Outdated Mirrors?

sudo reflector --verbose --protocol https --country your-countryname-with-capital-first-letter --country a-countryname-with-capital-first-letter-near-your-first-country --latest 20 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

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xfce4-session-4.14.0-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz 12-Aug-2019 00:34

hmm, i’m having serious issues with the 4.14 update that rolled out this morning on my machine. I think you might want to have a closer look at 4.14 before launching the iso with it. Although i imagine, holding it back is not really acceptable.

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We’re do it as we speak right now.:wink:

Is it working? I found a hack for my issue in the end: Errors after updating to XFCE 4.14

updated then had to disable compositor…been messing with the appearance and style…mainly cos my Kalu (the God of updates) icon went a bid weird…looks like there is another icon hiding behind it!!
And the network icon has taken on a strange symbol lol