Xfce terminal not changing setting sizes

so i have been running xfce and i3 but decided to try sway via https://github.com/EndeavourOS-Community-Editions/sway
opted to revert to the prebious snapshot without sway but my terminal is still stuck in the config from sway. havent run into this issue with trying out DEs before

What sort of snapshot?
Did it include your configs in .config as well?

Here is the terminalrc for EnOS-Xfce:

Compare it with the one you already have in ~/.config/xfce4/terminal (which should be this one for Sway) and perhaps replace it.

i thought i had my prior configs saved but i guess not?
tried your fix but didnt seem to do the trick unfortunately

Logout and log back in and launch the terminal.
If it won’t work, I have no more ideas.

it looks like i just can’t match the system font for some reason. i’ll have to do some snooping around

When you revert back using snapshot you only change back to the old root subvolume. Your home subvolume remains the same. Hence you are using the config from sway.


just weird because the sway configs are all gone near as i can tell but must be something weird somewhere. kind more of a minor peeve than anything rn. this has gotten me to tweak my i3 config a bit more and that’s turning out to be pretty fun.