XFCE - Possible to lock a certain position and size for certain applications?

In KDE, I got to easily do this, but I can’t seem to find a feature in xfce that lets me do this. I am using this one application called streamlink twitch gui which opens up another chat application once I open up a stream, but every time I adjust the size of both applications and move on to another stream, it forgets their sizes and positions entirely.

There are various tools to script:

  • xdotool

  • wmctrl

  • devilspie2

All work to varying degrees.

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I was going to suggest wmctrl - but it does take a little work. devilspie2 SHOULD be better, but I failed to achieve the results I was after - not sure what that says :grin:

My first thought is to use wmctrl to open it all up in a separate workspace, sized and positioned as desired, and do nothing ELSE in that workspace…