Xfce Login Wallpaper


Does anyone know how EndeavourOS XFCE login screen manages to update to the same screen user is using?

I use Variety and am impressed how EOS login screen matches it.

I have Manjaro on another system and want to figure out how to do the same.

Tried updating LightDM setting “Use user wallpaper if available” which didn’t work.

Also tried Variety setting “Make sure the wallpapers set by Variety will be used on the login screen”.

None worked so wondering how EOS achieves this.


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EndeavorOS did not add any such settings, it should be more a question of what Manjaro changed;)
It could be that the wallpaper u set/use is from EndeavourOS wallpapers? (they are under /usr/share/ ) and on your Manjaro install you use a wallpaper from users home directory? as Lightdm (login manager) can only show wallpaper from directory it can read from and users home-- nope… it is owned by your user :wink:


Check my question on the subject:

If your wallpapers are in somewhere ‘expected’ (like /usr/share/backgrounds) it should work just fine. If you have it ‘pointed’ elsewhere - who knows?

Edit: exactly. lightdm in vanilla Arch / EndeavourOS does not have permission to use wallpapers from the home folder. In Manjaro that permission seems to have been set by default, but in Arch (And Ubuntu?) You have to manually set it (See my post above).

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I’m still confused as to what mechanism EOS is using to show the Variety app wallpapers in login screen.

The Variety app settings aren’t set to sync login wallpaper.
They aren’t set in LightDM settings either.

There aren’t any backgrounds in /usr/share/backgrounds either.

I can see that home doesn’t allow permissions for any other user to view it.

At the same time /home/username/.config/variety/backgrounds does have copies of the wallpapers and does allow other users to view it in permissions, although not sure if its accessible while under /home/username that doesn’t have viewing permissions for other users?

The issues isn’t getting it working. Its working already by itself, but just confused how/why to see if I can replicate in Manjaro or not.


EndeavourOS wallpapers are saved in folder /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds.
As far as I know, EndeavourOS is not using Variety or anything else like it.
But EndeavourOS does set the initial wallpaper at first login in a fresh installed system.

The default wallpapers are in /usr/share/endeavouros but these aren’t the ones its displaying at login screen.

Its showing the one used by variety.

Really nice that its working great.

Would be even nicer if I could understand how.

Apart from the xfce/settings/LightDM GTK+ Greeter/Use user wallpaper if available checkbox, I can’t imagine…

variety itself is providing this feature, and changing permission to the used folder, so this is the only difference there.

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I haven’t turn on the login screen setting in Variety so wondering why its providing? and how its running before logging in?

Also, why doesn’t it provide on Manjaro?

I turned on quotes today in Variety and can see quotes on the login screen too now.

okay a confess, we do implement this only for you :wink:

variety is an app you do install it is not there per default, and we do not enable to use users wallpaper on lightdm also, so it must be variety doing this or you have changed it

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