XFCE libappindicator bugs and other XFCE misshaps

oh man, if that were only true. my install is bursting at the seams. a lot of strange little bugs and annoyances that I cannot config away because i have no clue what causes them. some of them are caused by my experiments, some of them by config files I probably edited at some point or even straight out bugs.

Example: there is an annoying bug in xfce panel where some app icons react to left click as a right click. This is documented and well known and is caused by libappnotify. So I went ahead and uninstalled libappnotify, forcing packages dependent on it to not uninstall. the whole thing proved a success, left click finally worked as expected, there were a few packages that were unstable, or would not run, but they were few and were replaceable. The only thing is, as I discovered, you lose the popup notifications in the corner of the screen. instead all notifications appear as a blue strip at the top of the monitor where the mouse currently is and require you to click on them to go away, as they don’t disappear after some time.


i’ve installed libappnotify back, but the notifications are still broken. I used the system that way nonetheless. Now after a few months from my experiments for some reason left click started to act even worse: it behaves like a right click (a context menu appears) when pressing the mouse down but on releasing the mouse button it acts as a normal click (the cursor is usually on the lowest entry in the context menu, which for most apps is the Exit or Quit command, which means that on left click I exit the application from systray, when in fact i just wanted to bring the window to the forefront :sob:).

Also for a few months now (i think since the update to xfce 4.16) the WM is glitching when moving windows around. I’ve no ideea if this is caused by the video drivers I’ve installed (I had great results with the intel non-free drivers for some time), or the way i’ve configured the display adapter, or straight up an XFCE bug.

I just feel a reinstall is my only escape from these monstrosities at this point :slight_smile:

None of that should be fixed by a reinstall. If you want a clean config, you can just create a new user.

I have had literally hundreds of Arch-based installs and have never had to reinstall one of them. Even when helping others troubleshoot which I have also done a decent amount of times I have only seen a few examples where a re-install was really required. The only one I remember was when someone reset the permissions of every file on their system.

I have even recovered a system where someone deleted substantial parts of /usr.

Given the way Arch works, I would seriously question if that is a requirement or a historical mindset.

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As long as it gets me back floating I don’t really care in which category it goes, a reinstall is fast and relatively painless, the easy way out :slight_smile: I know I’m stuck in my old Windows ways :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just tried creating a new user and logging in. The issue persists. I’m sure this would be fixed by a reinstall, because I don’t see anyone complaining about these issues.

I am new to Endeavour and Arch so am hesitant to offer advice which may be totally inappropriate in your situation. That being said, my Intel graphics problems were cured simply by uninstalling the xf86-video-intel package as recommended here https://endeavouros.com/docs/hardware-and-network/graphic-cards-gpu-driver-and-setup/intel/ I was expecting to reboot to a driverless 16 colour 640x480 terminal but everything just worked.
Good luck