Xfce Keeps Logging Me Out

For some reason, Xfce (at least I assume that’s what’s doing it) periodically brings me to the LightDM screen and makes me put in a password. I went to XFCE Power Manager and in the “System” tab, set “System power saving” to “Never” and unchecked the “Lock screen when system is going to sleep” box and on the “Display” tab, I moved “Blank After” to “Never” and even unchecked the “Display power management” box. I also went to LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings and on the “Misc” tab, I moved the “Timeout until the screen blanks” slider to “Never”. It’s still happening. Even if I’m in the middle of typing a sentence (like now), it sometimes brings me to the login screen. This is my first time starting a topic. I did try to search for this issue in existing posts, but didn’t find anything. Thanks!

that is a strange issue, have you already tried to reinstall Lightdm?

The easiest way to do so is:

sudo pacman -S lightdm

Then reboot

Having exact same issue with Power manager

Just tried as you suggested, awaiting result

still doing it

Dont want to spoil, but can you make a new topic with your system info and if you habe tlp systemctl status tlp as example, in this poi’t look in the wiki how to show system info maybu someone can find your issue

I understand create new topic, but the rest I do not understand ringo

He wants you to go to the wiki, look up how to post good system information and logs, start a new thread and post the issue and outputs there.


Ok thanks Elloquin

after looking at wiki, not sure what logs to include. systemd journal all 3 outputs?

Sorry was on the phone , a new topic is better because its 3 months old.

Apologies chaps, the problem seems to be with Power manager xfce, when setting Power manager/display/plugged in/blank after set to never, it seems to ignore and blank anyways, I have now removed never with blank after 60 mins, this seems to work ok. I will take another look at the wiki, about system logs and make sure I include in any other questions, sorry for causing inconvenience. pleased with endeavour OS so far.

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