[xfce/i3]apps opening in new desktop

I installed & setup Endeavour Xfce/i3 and for some reason whenever I open applications of a different to the other ones in the desktop it opens in another desktop. For example I have terminal open and I open firefox firefox will open and take me to another desktop but if i open firefox there it will stay in that desktop unlike other apps.

A different what ?
With the native window manager, you have an option “Switch to window’s workspace”, which means that if Firefox is still opened on another workspace, it will switch to this one instead of opening on the current desktop.


Check for lines like these:

assign [class="kitty"] $ws1
assign [class="(?i)firefox"] $ws1
assign [class="Slack"] $ws2
assign [class="discord"] $ws2

This is telling i3 to, for example, only open kitty on workspace 1.