Xfce and Screen tearing and switching to Cinnamon? ( think you have heard this one before)

I run NVIDIA with Xfce almost constantly since I started with Linux three years ago and has never had any huge problems until two weeks ago (unlike a lot of people). Now I have severe screen tearing in all videos that are not ran in Chrome or Chromium.

The old option of enabling vertical sync has been removed in 4.16 apparently and enabling / disabling it in NVIDIA’s own settings does nothing.

I might have to switch to a Mutter-based desktop (I’ve said it before, Gnome’s Mutter is the best window manager out there for Linux for video purposes).
Now, I’d rather use another fork if possible; has anyone who uses NVIDIA drivers had any issues in Cinnamon or Budgie?

…Uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers going back to the opensource versions and the tearing almost disappeared. Might still be a kernel related issue, mostly.

I’ve never had that issue, everything runs buttery smooth for me on XFCE but I haven’t used it for extended periods.

I love Gnome, Budgie also works great. Cinnamon is nice but not really for me, although I’m gonna take a look at it again; mostly small things bugged me last I tried it.

I’m no gamer, I don’t care about graphics performance as much. Plus, my system is bundled with a crappy GPU and an excellent CPU with an excellent iGPU that beats the dGPU. So I just use that, and I let nouveau handle the dedicated graphics these days, although on some systems I have to install the official nvidia drivers and then configure it to use nvidia prime so that I can offload to the card ( which I have no reason for doing) .

I don’t have any issue on Nvidia when you can get it installed. :laughing:

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Install works flawlessly but ever since 5.10.x there has been issues. Going back to nouveau the tearing was much less bad.

I just had a problem updating Nvidia again. It gets annoying after a while. Glad i have AMD on my other system.


I’ve only very recently obtained hardware with NVIDIA. If I install proprietary drivers bet when 5.12 comes out, it’ll break again for a couple weeks :laughing:

I haven’t seen any screen tearing issues but i don’t play games. I’ve just had issues with it not properly updating and then having to usually reinstall it to correct the problems.

I don’t play games in Linux so it’s when watching movies I have the issue.