Xdg-desktop-portal-kde stuck at 100%

Hi all,
I just switched from gnome to plasma on my laptop and I’ve been noticing that occasionally xdg-desktop-portal-kde will get stuck at over 100% and the onlything I can do is reboot my computer. not sure whats causing it. is anyone else having similar issues?

Can you see with e.g. top or htop which process is doing it?

It’s been different processes, the next time it does it I’ll note it and report it here again

actually it was klauncher

In what package is klauncher?

Thanks @manuel for the help. I am experiencing a little instability but everytime I look it does seem to be a different process causing the cpu to spike. For now I’m going to keep an eye on it and start a new thread if it becomes a real issue or something more definitive declares itself.

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