X2go blank screen (no desktop) problem

I’m running KDE Plasma. After the last update, I cannot get into my server using x2go (updates breaking x2go is not uncommon, but stuck broken is). On the server, the x2goserver is enabled/started and its database is created, and I terminate/remove all the session from the server regularly while doing trials. x2go worked fine before the last update. Local login to the Plasma desktop works fine whether sddm is enabled or not. Kernel: 5.9.6-arch1-1. Plasma 5.20.2.

The session preferences are nothing special; the default “KDE” session was broken a while back; as its override “Command”, I use “dbus-launch /usr/bin/startkde”, and startkde just has:



All I get after creating a new session is a blank screen (after the x2go logo fades out) plus the EndeavorOS Welcome App (w/o a TitleBar). Any suggestions what to try next?

BTW, a little progress.

  • Configured with “Custom desktop” and Command dbus-launch kstart5 plasmashell. Desktop finally up, but no TitleBars.
  • Then, if I start konsole and run kwin_x11, then its is mostly working for new windows; firefox is not happy if running in another session, but that is survivable (maybe expected?).
  • Anyhow, with the kludge and reusing repaired sessions, the problem is reduced to an annoyance.

I don’t know if this is broken for me or for everyone, but if my progress suggests more clues for me to do this “right”, please advise. Or if you have this working on an up-to-date KDE desktop w/o any ado, that would be useful info, too.