Wrong fs type bad option bad superblock

I was trying to install for the first time and got hit with this error “wrong fs type bad option bad superblock” I want to know how to fix it.

Is that when you launch the live usb (installer)?

If so:

Did you check the sha sum of your downloaded ISO?

How did you create the bootable usb?

Perhaps also try another flash drive if it is possible.

I used a 64gb usb and Rufus.ie to install it.
Can you look at this video and tell me if it’s a good fix wrong fs type problem solved!! - YouTube
If not can you tell me how to install the iso

What are you burning from? a winblows machine or Linux.

Rufas is a windows program so I asume you are. Try belana.etcher.


Make sure you choose “DD Mode” when Rufus prompts you for that.

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I myself don’t like Rufus and using dd mode it creates multiple partitions on the drive. I never use it. I use etcher if i’m coming from Windows environment to create the live usb. Otherwise i use popsicle on EOS.

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Multiple partitions sure are a pain, but its trivially easy to fix that via GParted. That being said, everyone’s got their preference.

Yes same :grin:

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Not terminal-cetric :scream:

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No dd much … I like popsicle…'s :wink:


Belana.ether works thanks

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Please mark @Data’s post as the solution.

And welcome to the community!


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