WoW/Games: Enable caret (^) key for wine enabled game only

Good morning,

I’m a linux gamer, and over the years I learned quite a lot about configuration of Wine and Proton. My gaming setup, split between Steam games and Lutris, works very well, and I can play most games I’m interested in.

However, there’s one thing specific to WoW (or rather, MMORPGs in general).

In MMORPGs, I work with many keys, and the most relevant are the ones reachable from the movement keys (WASD). So the primary skills are always mapped to 1 to 6 or 7 - and the ^ key (left of the 1 key).

However, there’s a difference in how keys are used in Windows and Linux. In Linux, depending on the keymap, you either have dead keys (^ is one of them, so pressing it doesn’t instantly generate the character, but the character can be used to modify other characters, as in â, ê) - or you press ^ and the character appears instantly.

Now, in Windows, for games this dead key state does not matter. Pressing ^ even when dead keys are on, the game registers it as being pressed, so I can put functionality on ^ without setting the dead key status differently for the game. In Linux, the dead key setting is followed rigorously, which means pressing ^ in the game doesn’t result in the key being registered.

Now, I see two ways this could be fixed:

  1. Letting the game understand that ^ means the key is pressed, regardless of the dead key keyboard state. This would probably be some Wine configuration question, as I want it to work like it does in Windows.
  2. Passing a no dead keys keymap to the game. I have tried that before, using an environment variable added to the Lutris supplied environment variables and exporting those for the Wine process, but that didn’t produce any noticeable result, and is hard to debug as I cannot ask WoW which keymap is configured.

So I hope that either somebody has had the same difficulty, or someone with Wine knowledge can tell me how to correctly produce the desired behaviour.


So, I have news. I have found a solution which kind of works. See here for the Stackexchange post where I found the information. It only works on KDE, however as I am running it, it works for me.

In KDE, it seems you can install multiple keymaps and select one on the fly. There’s a little icon in the system tray, and by using a click when a window is focused I can change the keymap for that window/application only.

While the setting survives a restart of the application, it is forgotten with each reboot.

All in all, not a perfect solution, but it works.

I wonder, if what you meant can be fixed also via this Lutris option?

It can, but it only supports Us keyboards. Socializing would be much more difficult on german speaking servers with a US keyboard layout. If that option would allow to specify the target keymap that would be pretty useful for me.

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