Wow...6.7.0 didn't last long

Just went to 6.7.1 a few minutes ago…good luck everyone. Looks good so far.

It’s not surprising. Kernel updates are normally rolled out in a weekly basis.

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I’ve had some issues with kernel 6.7 and picom. Details can be found here:

But the gist are the following:

  1. The drawing of windows was slow after waking up the system from suspend, which persists until I restart X server. This occurs with both xf86-video-amdgpu and modesetting drivers.
  2. Kernel versions prior to 6.7 are not affected.

exactly, the .1 release this time was surprisingly late. Usually Arch waits with moving a major kernel to stable until .1, this time they didn’t.

I tried using 6.7 kernel, but noticed that RAM consumption being 300mb higher. So I got back to LTS.

I noticed this as well on both of my thinkpads. The ram consumption is higher on boot by about 100mb on both machines.

and in which world is that a bad thing? RAM is the fastest memory available to programs in a system, be glad that it is used and not sitting in your system unused. If it is a memory leak (RAM is getting consumed until full) that’s another thing - that is bad and has to be fixed. A static increase almost always has a good reason.

When it is only due to the kernel, it might even mean that now one or more components of your system that weren’t working before are now working, or got a better driver that needs more RAM …


Higher RAM consumption could indicate that system resources are used inefficiently. No additional modules or hardware components have been employed upon using 6.7 kernel in my case.

On the other hand, it could also indicate that more RAM is being used to speed up certain tasks. But I suppose it would be nice to find out exactly where/and for what purpose the extra RAM is used.

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Your point makes sense, it could also be the case.

Ram usage isn’t really relevant. I know programs that are old and don’t use much RAM, but they are constantly writing to and reading from disk. Disk usage is a better indicator in my opinion. Not sure how to get an average between the two kernels.