Would you please provide different flavours ISO?

Just like Manjaro or Ubuntu, provide different flavours ISO. So that users can try different desktop environment in LiveCD, and install this DE from offline installer.


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You can currently try the different DEs using Virtual Machines. EndeavourOS only provides a themed XFCE. The other DEs are vanilla and you can customize it as you like.


I’m guessing OP has/had a problem with the online installer and so is asking for an offline installer.

Maybe I interpreted it differently.

There are a couple of scripts to do that on arch. I believe this is not a priority for eos team, requires additional time and maintenance, likely not to happen but we never know.

Yes. If online installer will also rate and ranking EOS repo should also be great.

I checked installer log, and I find there is a job like:

    ..  Job 12 "initialize pacman ... ranking mirrors ... copy pacman mirrorlist and keyring to target ..." +wt 1 tot.wt 4 

But this job only ranking arch repo, not ranking EOS repo.

I think if this job could ranking EOS repo would be great.

I would say the same we would need to maintain 9 different ISOs and this is simply impossible (I do not say that I would like to do that at all :wink: )

We do work on making the online install faster and solving issues for cases of slow connections.
But our priority is to have one ISO and use online installs. The Offline is only there as a fallback.


This is not Manjaro or Ubuntu or any other flavour. EndeavourOS provides the ability to install any flavour you want with an online installer. It is not going to provide ISO’s for every desktop. This would go against everything that the installer was designed for. I speak for myself but i don’t see it ever happening. Goes against the EOS philosopy.


There are other ways of testing out desktop environments - EnOS doesn’t need to provide images for this, and providing many installer images kind of goes against the current ethos of minimalism.

Plus, do you really know how well a desktop works unless you use it for longer than five minutes?


Having only one iso is one of my favorite parts of EOS!

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