Would you be interested in seeing PKGBUILD tutorial?

OK, I got some spare time again so I’m going to be starting to work on this over the next couple days. My take is pretty in depth so I might post each section separately to get feedback before compiling it into a single resource. In short, it’s going to start at the very foundation (what are packages, why we use them) and work up to the main goal (making your own PKGBUILD) this will allow people to sorta start at the section most relevant to them, but also allow very new users to get the foundational knowledge they need without having to try piecing it together themselves. It’s kinda the document I wish I had when I started out :slight_smile:


Being one among the target audience (new user), I’ll be eagerly following your progress on this project.

Good luck!


Or you can divide it on sections by using Table of content via html headings, like i did in Linux gaming guide :wink: :frog:


8. **[Problems](#heading--Problems)**
<h1 id="heading--Problems">Problems</h1>

P.S. Just remember that 1 post limit is about 35000 characters :grin: