Would you be interested in seeing PKGBUILD tutorial?

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There’s a couple of themes that I’d like to install but I’ve found they’re not on the AUR so I figured now is maybe a good time for me to do a write up for one of the themes if it’s something people are interested in? It’s not as scary as it may seem if you don’t have a lot of command line experience, but it’ll definitely help you get more comfortable with it afterwards that’s for sure :slight_smile:

Let me know, and depending on the response I’ll start writing something up in the next few days.


Is this just for ARM?

No, the PKGBUILD process is the same no matter the architecture.


very interested



Count me in.

“Don’t ask, just do.”

Keep in mind there’s a lot of information out there already, and there are other resources like #archlinux-classroom on IRC.


Eh, if there isn’t much interest then I’d rather spend the time doing something else. Best to use my time wisely :slight_smile:

Might be worthwhile pointing this out in a learning resources page of sorts. Never heard of that IRC channel before.


I mean, there is the Arch wiki, so… :man_shrugging: :grin:

Well, I meant for EOS; even if it points to the Arch wiki newcomers aren’t necessarily going to know to go there after all.


Hmm… given the intention behind EnOS being “as close to Arch as possible” I’d probably say that we should be promoting and using the Arch wiki whenever possible rather than re-creating resources. :thinking: (yes, I know, FAQs…)

If something in the Arch wiki isn’t clear then that’s possibly something to raise on the wiki, or perhaps create a “simplified” alternative or extension (like Simple Wikipedia).

(All just ideas/thoughts/etc.)


I think you misunderstood me. I am saying making people aware of the resources on the wiki that we think would be particularly beneficial; like the classroom page.


OK, so looking quickly at the Arch wiki there’s a ToC but that might not be massively useful…

If an “education project” is a thing then talking to meskarune on IRC is something to do - she is one of the forces behind #archlinux-classroom.

Oh, also there’s archconf2020 coming up - if anyone wants to contribute there are plenty of possibilities.

When someone asks “would you be interested in a tutorial” I automatically respond with “yes”. The subject and my familiarity with it do not matter, one can never have enough. It is up to the author to decide whether writing a tutorial is worth the time and effort. For a tutorial reader, the investment is fairly low.

The arch wiki is a great resource, but if you have the willingness and the expertise to write something better, more structured and easier to follow, that would be fantastic! I’ll certainly read it. :slight_smile:


Well, I dunno about all of that :sweat_smile: I’ll certainly try though :joy:


Agree with @Kresimir just can’t resist good / better tutorial :yum:

So @alenbasic please keep up the quality! :frog:


Very interested as well!

To me as a relatively late-comer to GNU/Linux in general and Arch(-based) operative systems in particular, this could be a nice additional resource even though the information is already present in different ArchWiki pages.

I admit that to me personally, the ArchWiki pages still are quite “intimidating” for the richness of information and the technical jargon for not saying the high probability of getting lost in the hyper-link labyrinth that ArchWiki sometime is.

So if this tutorial facilitate the process of learning how to write pkgbuilds, presented in clear and concise manner and as an step on the way for the new users to move on to ArchWiki, I think it is welcome addition.


PKGBUILDs are one of the main reasons why I use Arch-based distros.
So yes, a tutorial would benefit a lot of users, not only beginners.

To those who cannot wait for the tutorial:


I’ve also just been made aware of the following article:

I must’ve missed it during my initial searches.