Would be a good idea to use KDE Connect with the EndeavourOS install with remote commands

  1. User boots a live session of EndeavourOS from USB. It could be Rufus, Ventoy (I love it)
  2. The user has now the KDE plasma live session (assuming it runs the KDE Connect daemon, that’s kdeconnectd)
  3. User connects to a wifi network for online installation.
  4. User grabs his android smartphone and has the KDE connect app.
  5. => Pair new device. And the live session KDE Connect hostname should be “EndeavourOS live session”, or similar
  6. User opens “run commands”. The commands should be:
  • editing the custom packagelist/commands file
  • opening the terminal/file manager
  • starting the Calamares installer
  • refreshing the pacman database file, etc.

Why? I don’t see a point to this