Wmderland as a window manager

Did a quick tour of Wmderland as a Window Manager, launching from lightdm on EOS. Apparently pronounced “wonderland”.

Said to have an I3 like config, and a minimal i3-gaps wm, it permits one to do space partitioning for the next window - horizontal or vertical.

Fresh out of the AUR package or a git clone/build effort, you will have to edit the config file and probably significatly, swapping in your launcher if not rofi, your bar or one of them, etc.

As defined in the sample config, there are deviations from the usual VIM keys for navigation. Not a showstopper for me, but get this in your config cleanup effort. If you are a WM hopper you’ll want to set up Wmderland with your usual keybindings. If going with the base config, print it out so you have it handy to refer to.

Wmderland does support floating windows with a toggle and also support reloading a modified config file.

it does not come with any basic bar setup. Roll your own.

One issue: The example config puts all new terminals launched via mod+enter on workspace 1 with a jump back to that workspace. Removing the WS 1 jump, I could not launch new terminals for some reason. I’ll look into this later.

Definitely a minimal type of window manager in the class with dwm, xmonad, spectrwm yet needs more maturing.

EOS w/lightdm and one terminal was at 280mb RAM at rest.

The developer has not tagged a release since Feb 2020. They are answering issues in github in the recent past.

No documentation yet. There are just several YouTubes.


  • written in C++. Fast actions
  • ~280mb RAM
  • config file based
  • can reload config file from within the WM
  • no config check utility (duplicate keys, broken syntax, etc)
  • no default bar; bring your own.
  • expected user level: moderate tinker/hacker and above
  • no documentation yet. Several YouTubes.
  • cool name

Next Wmderland plans for me: I’m going to keep it on my system - it’s a keeper, but not a daily driver at this time. When I get some more time I plan to overhaul the config and to explore some bars with it. I’ll definitely keep an eye for new releases. And tinker with it.