Within the last week, while on Endeavouros I noticed a problem at distrowatch website 404 errors

Ok, thanks I look into that more

next time I feel I need to write something back


The chip on yours is one number higher but it usees the rt2800usb module.

Ralink RT3573


Driver for Ralink/MediaTek USB devices RT2770, RT2870, RT3070 RT3071, RT3072, RT3572.

Ok, thanks for the info and reply back about it , know I understand I am not sure which chip set my laptop uses its a ASUS Republic of Gamers (Model is on back of it GL702V) device, what I do know if I want Linux on it I have to figure out how to get the red keyboard lights on it on working in linux, it loads drivers from windows for its keyboard lights :sunglasses: and my desktop has currently a razer keyboard with lights, which has linux arch software for it from here https://openrazer.github.io/.

All you have to do is boot it on the live ISO and get the hardware info off of it. Those laptops can be more of an issue with hybrid graphics to set up sometimes. :wink:

Generally, it’s better to put a new question in a new thread.

You can check the package descriptions on the associated package pages, e.g. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/openrazer-meta/

ok, thanks, and yes I post it has a new question :slight_smile:

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