Wireplumber update broke my audio

I updated some 80ish packages about 8 hours ago; went to sleep, woke up and turned on my PC but I had no sound. Tried both LTS and non-lts kernels, same deal.

Then I tried downgrading pipewire, there was no change.

Then I tried downgrading wireplumber as well and now my audio works again.

Using wpctl while it was broken did not display my audio device or any sinks for it, but using inxi it did detect my device properly and claimed to be running on pipewire so i’m pretty sure it was wireplumber.

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Yes. There have been multiple threads on this. Glad you worked out the problem and solution by yourself.

Is this an EOS issue or a wireplumber one?

Wireplumber. I’m on Archcraft. Same issue.

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Some folks have reported deleting the existing configs in the user home directory is necessary after taking the most recent Wireplumber update.

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Yeah it worked for me too.

sudo rm -rf /etc/wireplumber /usr/share/wireplumber ~/.local/state/wireplumber ~/.config/wireplumber

Probably only deleting the configs in the home directory will be needed, because applications typically cannot modify these files. The files in /etc/ and /usr/share should be getting updated appropriately by the applications themselves.

I only had files in /etc, /usr/share and ~/.local/state

i just like to be thorough, i was having problems with waybar that made me think i hadn’t solved the sound issue (always displayed wireplumber audio at 0%) so i don’t know which file i had to delete in the end by the time i figured out it was working.

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