Wireplumber and results log

hello ,

since wireplumber is installed by default , i get theses messages in log

wireplumber[875]: Failed to set scheduler settings: Opération non permise
wireplumber[875]: SPA handle 'api.libcamera.enum.manager' could not be loaded; is it installed?
wireplumber[875]: PipeWire's libcamera SPA missing or broken. libcamera not supported.
août 15 07:56:51 endmate wireplumber[875]: reserve-device plugin is not connected to D-Bus, disabling device reservation

i have the trouble on “scheduler setttings” since the failback by pacman from wireplumber to pipewire , i think about thid file media-session

i have no others clues what file or config missing

AFTER updating your system with

yay, or
sudo pacman -Syu

you could try installing this package with

yay -S pipewire-libcamera-git


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