Wired connection not working anymore

Hello! first post here, I hope to do things the correct way.
I have EOS installed from about 6 month now, and until now it just worked. in a few days I noticed that it was no longer able to connect to the wired connection. the KDE Plasma applet just keep loading for some minutes, and then stops trying to connect.
nmcli device gives a yellow

enp1s0         ethernet  connecting (getting IP configuration)  Wired connection 1

and after the timeout a red

enp1s0         ethernet  disconnected                 Wired connection 1

searching the web for a solution made me install rtl8821au-dkms-git as suggested here, but nothing at all changed.

I don’t remember if it stopped working after an update or not, because it was still able to connect to the wifi, and so I didn’t noticed it for some days probably.

what should I do? I have several snapshots of weeks ago, but I installed a Windows VM in the meantime (don’t know if before or after the connection stopped working), so I’d rather not rollback in order not to lose the installation (or perhaps is there a way to like backup the VM? I don’t know)

thanks in advance!

(EDIT: forgot to mention, I’m using EOS just upgraded, KDE Plasma desktop, Wayland compositor)

Have you tried a new cable?

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Are you using a LAN or connecting directly to your ISP? Check this out too.

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