Wire to Wire

Has anyone in the group tried this tool out? If so, comments, criique please.


I have Wire on my Endeavour install and also on my tablet. Both have worked flawlessly. Video calls quality is very good and it has replaced Skype on my machines completely.

It’s a good client, with a lot more features than Signal, however the PrivacyToolsIO team stopped recommending the client/company last year. Read their blog post about it and come to your own conclusions:


I use Wire since … maybe 3 years. Quite good and secure enough for me. Very good for “one to one” meeting. Not useful for video conferences as the maximum users connected in one meeting is limited to 4.

Thx, to me that’s pretty concerning! :face_with_monocle:

Yes, I have read comments about those privacy problems. But it would be intersting to know that is there any messaging client in this world which privacy is bullet proof? If privacy is really main concern then it would be better to stick with smoke signals and signal mirrors.
Not useful for video conferences is of course big minus, but my use is limited for one to one meetings anyway so it’s not a problem.

Yea, nothing is perfect and it’s all about your personal threat model. Wire servers being in the US may very well not be an issue for some.

But I’m always ready to hear tips for good alternatives for Wire, Telegram, Signal etc… :wink:

Trained carrier pigeons!

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I actually like pidgeons. They are funny creatures… :grinning:

But don’t forget to burn the message after reading :upside_down_face:

P.S. I don’t think problem is in location of company, problem is with this specific company shady business…

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Yea, true. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when they set up a deal with CopperheadOS, which is ran by an extremely unethical person.

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I, also, would be interested in hearing about good (better) alternatives. I found Wire while searching pamac…

I think Element is a great client. It offers E2EE and Discord like capabilities.

Also check this list from PrivacyToolsIO out. Solid recommendations.