Wine problems and how to fix it

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Mayby some usefull thing, lutris from repo can be usefull with the hacks of thinks donr work. For some games some settings to play optimal. You have also playonlinux but i dont know its known by them, it can runnseveral wine version, one of those works

I installed Lutris, i have heard of it earlier these days but forgot already that this exists.

When i try to launch Epic Games Launcher, Lutris wrotes “Launching . . .” and that’s it. I waited five minutes for launching and nothing happens.

Anyone an idea what i did wrong? What kind of information do you need to help me further?

Try install wine:

sudo pacman -S wine lib32-mpg123

Try also installing the package that I have indicated to you that is needed for 32bit libraries.

I reinstalled lib32-mpg123 and wine. But i don’t understand what you mean with "Try also installing … I have indicated to you … for 32bit libraries. @ricklinux i checked the setting of multilib again and multilib is already enabled. I enabled multilib-testing now, maybe this is what it wants.

Now Lutris is starting, i can push the play button on Epic Games, but after start the button goes to stop and then back to start.

I’d recommend searching the Lutris forum. I had a similar problem a while back and it turned out to be a too old dot-net-framework. Tinkering with Winetricks and changing the wine-prefix in the Lutris menu finally helped.

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Have a look at your /etc/pacman.conf and make sure that BOTH # are removed from:

#Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

it should look like this:
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Then just do a sudo pacman -Syy and make sure that multilib shows up.

Both # are removed from the beginning on. I don’t know what else i should do. And of course the multilib is showing up, too.

we could need a wine wiki entry :wink: