Wine 7.8/7.9

I have been unable to download the Wine 7.8 package for some time and now the latest Wine 7.9. It is also missing from the AUR and repositories. Where to download it from?

Either wait for it to get updated, it will be eventually or if you can’t wait you could build it from source. Is there any particular reason you need this version? Btw welcome to the forum

The package has been flagged out-of-date,

In the meantime, you can download the PKGBUILD files, increment the version number, and build yourself using makepkg.

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There is a wine 7.9 build on Chaotic-AUR, named wine-x64.

Wine-x64 is available on the AUR with version 7.9

That is also available via AUR but I am not sure if it is what the OP is looking for or not.

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I thought x64 versipn was exclusive to Chaotic for some reason, thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you all. I tried to build using makepkg. It succeeded without problems, unfortunately it’s poze 64bit and 32bit doesn’t work. I’ll have to wait for the package to be assembled. Until Wine 7.7, packages were released soon after the release of I don’t know why the change.