Windows selector activity

Hi beautiful peole … how i can choose selector pile for alt tab the apps ? on Arch i found it but on Endeavour is missing why it’s very cool

Welcome @Salvatore
I have no idea what you are referring to? Is this on Gnome? Please explain what you mean.

on Plasma Kde on Endeavour i mean when i make alt+tab for choose a window on arch was a selector of the pages where i can choose it go on like a selector activity of Gnome for example like a preview stack but vertical

Are you referring to this ?

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Yes, its cool!
Xfce has it, maybe you can try endeavour xfce. When the combined keys are hit, a big window of all windows just pops up for you to choose any of them.

yes (sorry for my bad english) in Endeavour miss one of the switcher who can tab the open windows similar to a book on 3d in Italian it’s selector pile i don’t know how to say it in english

Perhaps in system settings search for it (task switcher), then change the keyboard shortcut. Maybe due to keyboard layout or language settings if english not default, the shortcut doesn’t work.

Do you mean something like this:

But this is all for Gnome!


On gnome you just press the “windows” key to get an overview of workspace or use gestures. No need for extensions. Unless some special FX required

Edit: these extensions are funny

When @Salvatore talked about a 3D animation I remembered this cube from the old KDE days. :wink:

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I recall these :grin:

I think you need to install kdeplasma-addons

sudo pacman -Syu kdeplasma-addons

yes dude i was talking about coverflow alt+tab

You are using KDE if I understood correctly. → I don’t know if this is still up to date. But you can try it with pleasure:

I use Xfce and am happy with my 2D animations. :joy:

Installing kdeplasma-addons will give you coverflow alt+tab (called Cover Switch in English in KDE Plasma).

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