Windows: Recall or not Recall

N’est pas de Recall!

What a fantastic movie. I hope there’s intelligent life out there somewhere. . . . We sure don’t have it lol

c:\> format c:

Something is something, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


The Big Question is can it help me remember why I went into the Kitchen? :rofl:




Assuming I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like Microsoft should be focusing on Windows 10/11/12 LTSC being their default OS for the masses.

I, personally, having been tempted by full-screen Win11 advertisements, decided to lock my family’s backup machine on Win10 by regedit (my family is somehow Linux-reluctant).
Once the Win10 support ends, I might look for another solution. But the thing is, Win10 is at the very least bearable once you get rid of telemetry (hard but possible) and Win11 is just awful when you try to set it up and maintain.

FYI, there is Windows 10 IoT Enterprise with support until 2032 that removes a lot of stuff like Cortana and ads too, it seems. If you absolutely need Windows, I think this will be your best bet.

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