Windows/graphical anomalies bouncing all over the place when using remote software

I’m having this bizarre issue which has stretched for months across a number of different versions of eOS. I’ve updated many times since it has happened, which was as soon as I started using NoMachine to remote into this computer.

Windows would flash in and out, show in areas of the screen they weren’t, graphical quality would degrade as well. I could leave alone and occasionally a window would flash on screen for a program that wasn’t even open anymore.

Then I just tried RustDesk, but the same thing happens, maybe slightly different. I have since uninstalled NoMachine, but oddly enough the first few minutes of RustDesk were okay until I closed NoMachine, then it went crazy. It only happens through the remote view. In person it doesn’t do this even while remote session is active and it is happening over the remote connection.

Now it flashed window of a program that isn’t open at the wrong spot on screen and it is just staying there this time, but now it went away after a minute. I am using KDE Plasma, not sure what else to give.