Windows decorations change upon reboot in GTK aps

A strange enlarged version of the current QT theme windows decorations appears on GTK apps each time my computer is restated. The rest of the theme is fine in its GTK version currently set

It’s easy to fix by by resetting the theme each time but the user shouldn’t have to do that

Here are two screenshots of how the theme should be with Arc windows decorations, and how it appears with an enlarged version of the Oxygen decorations I have set for QT

I know this is a KDE problem, not EOS or Arch, but you guys are really helpful on this forum

Source Arch Wiki

Add Title bar and frame to GTK3 applications under KDE Plasma

To have Gnome/GTK applications display with a KDE/Plasma title bar and frame, install gtk3-nocsd-gitAUR and restart your window manager to load the updated library path.

You can also run Gtk application with the wrapper:

$ gtk3-nocsd gedit

Also be very welcome to ask any issuses u have!! :grinning: