Windows 11 scaling off after being in EndeavourOS partition

Hi, I dual-boot Windows 11 and EndeavourOS on my laptop. I have never changed the display settings for Windows but I had looked at them before and knew what they were, and I didn’t touch them in my EndeavourOS partition either.

I was installing my programs in EndeavourOS partition when I needed to go back to Windows for a work related issue. I rebooted and booted into Windows.

Suddenly, my display on Windows was quite “zoomed in” as if the scaling was bad. I went and looked in my settings and it had 150% scaling which is what is what it had before I ever installed Endeavour, but now it looked extremely zoomed in. I put it down to 125% which looked more like it was before, but of course now it seems slightly “off” and smaller than I am used to.

Has this happened to anyone else and if so, how do I fix this?


first guess would be that Fastboot is enabled in BIOS. With that, not all devices are reset on a reboot. Try disabling that and check if the issue goes away.

What type of hardware are you running? I’ve had several issues with windows and scaling after updates on an AMD RX480, 6500XT, and RX 6600. Each time the scaling blew up like yours, but the settings showed unchanged. The only way I could fix it was to complete reinstall the Radeon drivers through the AMD app.

Windows is usually always set at 150% on the install right from the get go.

that is depend on resolution relative to screen size. We have screens at work that default to 300% and others that go to 100%. FullHD 24" usually default to 100% while 24" 1440p screens default to 150%.
the ones going to 300% are 4k 60" wall monitors.

Yes that could be true but I’m only going by my experience installing Windows. It’s usually always set at 150%. That’s all I know. :man_shrugging: