Windows 11 apparently wiped EOS EFI partition

Well I took some time and wiped the Win 11 garbage off the Lenovo laptop. I don’t care if part of the purchase price went to a Windows license, it’s not doing what I want, so I just chalk it up to the cost of doing business. I would prefer to buy a laptop with either some Linux installed, or just without an OS.
From what I hear, soon it will be possible to install Linux on Apple M1 laptops. I would much rather go that route in the future.

great, : - ) I wrote a blog , there are among others Linux aspects also LINUX hardware manufacturer listed:

My first thought was: wipe Windows 11 … sorryyy … :innocent:


Yep. Windows 11 crapped its diapers again, it needs someone to wipe its butt.


Little formatting tip, don’t insert your own carriage returns/linefeeds. Makes things wierd for some of us :wink:


Otherwise, good read!

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Yeah the CR/LFs break up the text too much.

CR/LFs should onky be used to break up a wall of text or to start a new monospaced line like so:

pikaur fastfetch

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I won’t be in the market for another laptop for perhaps 3-5 years, I’m inclined to treat myself to a Linux laptop that comes with Coreboot, and has never had M$'s dirty hands involved. Here’s a real nice one, a little pricey but does have full featured hardware:

System76 is off limits right now, but if you don’t want to wait for five years this might be
an intermediate solution:

I think they even ship with Swedish keybord keys, witch would make life so much easier as a do look att the keys from time to time.

This one might make my wallet ake…

What’s the problem with System76?

They don’t ship to Europe, but are planing to set up shop “overseas” in a couple of years.

BTW, this small german company got ddos:ed into oblivion for a while, when Linus of LTT fame mentioned that laptop, and a few million viewers wanted to check them out. :rofl:


“Sometime in the coming months” sounds a lot better than 5 years. :slight_smile: Let’s hope for the coming months one.

That sounded a lot better. I just reiterated what I read a few months ago. :+1:

Not heard of Laptop with Linux but they have a sweet 14" 12th Gen i5/i7 model at a reasonable price