Windows 10 boot through usb


I installed Endeavor OS but want to install Windows 10 again.

So I created an bootable Windows 10 USB using Rufus.
Afterwards, I changed the boot order and started the machine.

The problem: My machine does not seem to recognize any drivers.
In the Windows Setup, I get the following message:

“No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK.”.

Attempt 1: Installing the intel Rapid Storage-Technology. I placed the folder into the USB. Choosing a driver from this folder failed.

I am really grateful for any help from the community!

Not helpful. You need to specify exactly what the error message is telling you. It is probably missing a usb driver for your hardware or something else?

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Just putting here what I found on the www. Might be relevant to your case. Please make your own research and see if the suggestions made in the article is the solution your looking for.

:eye: no device drivers were found

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Go into BIOS and disable RAID, or find a setting option for AHCI and enable it.

Disclaimer: This may or not break your Windows installation.
You have been warned!