Window Switcher is broken on KDE

When I try to use ALT+TAB I keep getting this error since the latest update.


Anyone else seeing this? Or did I manage to break something in my last update. :slight_smile:

Have rebooted since the update?


… I’ll go to bed now… I didn’t think about the most obvious solution to fix it! Answer, no I hadn’t and yep it started working as soon as I did. Sorry for asking without testing that first! (I have a newborn so I blame it on lack of sleep though! :D)


I recommend earplugs… experience tells me she’ll wake you if you’re needed…

Don’t be so hard on yourself. In Linux you’re usually not supposed to restart the system. It’s not Windows after all. When a reboot is required it almost always takes me by surprise :slight_smile:

I noticed that on Linux (well, at least on Arch) half of the problems can be solved either by rebooting or updating the system…

yeah, on Arch it happens. anyway I’m always surprised when it does :slight_smile:
Like i get out my mental toolkit and pack out my investigator mindset to start debugging and poof, the issue is gone :slight_smile:


The things I generally reboot for are:

  • kernels
  • systemd
  • major qt changes(like today)
  • plasma or frameworks updates
  • anytime a there are a silly number of rebuilds all at once(which usually indicates some common library changed)