Window list widget broken after Kwin update

I use 3 monitors, each one has it’s own tasklist and the window list is set that only applications of the respective screen are displayed …
there have been no problems during the past years, since today’s kwin update no more applications are shown in window list widget except on the primary screen.
If I change the resolution of the respective screen in KDE monitor settings and set it back to the previous one the apps appear again in the window list.
I can hardly get to work w/ this issue … how can the problem be solved?

I don’t know the answer to your question yet, but be sure to post a bug report to kde/kwin. Best chance for getting it fixed quickly! (Perhaps you have already done this.)


Latest qt updates seem to have caused issues with KDE multi monitor setups.

Roll the update back, either by restoring a previous backup or downgrading the qt packages updated.

The good news is that as soon as there is an upstream fix Arch will be first to get it.


QT downgrade worked, thanks!

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ouh, it gets more worse … after the QT issue I updated the KDE packages today (without QT 5.15.1-1)
KDE updates make a multiscreen operation unusable, all the window positions are ignored and programs no longer open on the primary screen, everything is completely confused … also if I save an app window position on the main screen the logo (splash) opens on another screeen …
it seems development and testing was carried out on a single screen or on a laptop for latest QT & KDE updates :wink:

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Yes, I get the same impression. They’ll fix it soon, I’m sure.

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Great, after today’s QT update the window list is back & everything works!

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