Window draog

this might be an oddly specific thing, but, is there a function in either cinnamon of xfce that allows me when two windows fill the screen, to move the edge of one window and have the other window move as well?
just like how snap is doing on windows

I know that Mutter does this (so eg Gnome3/40 and Budgie do this) and some KWin scripts do this as well

as far as i understand it cinnamon is technically a WM, meaning i wouldnt be able to use mutter at the same time correct?
is the same function possible with cinnamon and muffin?

xfce has an option to expand windows left right top bottom of the screen with [super + numpad 8/4/6/2]
but they are not sticking together…

i don’t know about cinnamon+muffin but no cinnamon isn’t a window manager, it’s to be used with a window manager, and I don’t think it can be used other than with Muffin