Will using other package managers like pip or npm lead to dependency issues?

Is pip or npm safe to use alongside pacman? Since pacman -Syu updates the entire system, I’ve always assumed that, even if the packages installed via pip do end up with dependency issues after a system upgrade with pacman, only those packages (the ones installed with pip) will be effected (since pip won’t touch the rest of the system… I think?).

Is this assumption correct?

No. Because those packages can be brought in as dependencies of other packages.

Additionally, any of those issues will stop the entire upgrade from proceeding.

Okay. That makes sense.

So the usage of pip and npm are generally not recommended?

Yes. You should only use pip and npm for development purposes on EndeavourOS or any other Arch-based distros. In that case, you should only be installing them without root privs into your home directory.


I did some further research based on @dalto 's answer. Most are suggesting the use of virtual environments for this purpose.

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What @dalto said. If you do not use root privileges, using pip and other such package managers should be perfectly safe. But you should never use sudo pip or something like that. That means you’re pretty much limited to installing packages locally with pip.

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Yes. Basically, don’t use pip to install software to the system no matter what instructions you see on a website or video.

If you need libraries for development purposes, install into virtual env or some other method that doesn’t involve any system paths.

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@Kresimir @dalto

Thank you both for your answers.


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