Will this bork my install?

I’m using gnome-terminal to install the AUR package gnome-terminal-transparent. But, during the install it wants to remove the terminal app.
It says “gnome-terminal-transparency and gnome-terminal are in conflict. Remove gnome-terminal?”.
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If I say “Y” to this will it bork my install? reason being I’m worried as I’m asking “gnome-terminal” to remove itself. Or should I just install another terminal app and run these commands in that?

According to it’s AUR page “gnome-terminal-transparency” conflicts with “gnome-terminal” because it (gnome-terminal-transparency) provides (gnome-teminal).

but wouldn’t using gnome-terminal to remove itself be a problem?

it must do that as they are both the same application only one has transparency enabled.
It will not harm anything, and the currently running instance is loaded already … and it will be back in a nanosecond later also ;=)

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I am currently running KDE and use their Konsole terminal app.

So if I open Konsole and run “sudo pacman -Syu” and there is an update for Konsole I do the following: I let it update in place. My current Konsole is already loaded and running and pacman will update it. No need to use another terminal to update the current one.

I would assume that gnome-terminal and gnome-terminal-transparency operate the same way. Gnome terminal is currently loaded, pacman will install gnome-terminal-transparency and uninstall gnome-terminal.

At most, after updating, you might need to close that terminal and open a new one. That way you are sure you are running gnome-terminal-transparency instead of the previously installed and loaded gnome-terminal.

that’s how we use RAM :wink:


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man I love RAM :smiley:

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