Will Endeavour OS support my 2-in-1 laptop?

I was wondering if Endeavour OS will support my 2 in 1 laptop. Will it be able to support the rotation? The touch screen? My fingerprint reader? The dual camera?

The ‘simple’ answer is: If Arch does, EndeavourOS will. Sorry not to be more helpful, but I have no information on your actual hardware…


Try booting from a live image and see how it works. It’s not entirely representative, but it should give you an idea.


Try to search for your specific hardware in combination with the keyword “arch”.
The ArchWiki has loads of information on getting hardware to work, e.g. for Dell XPS see here.

Your fingerprint reader won’t work though. I’ve personally never seen a functional fingerprint reader under linux. Anyway, it’s the feature I could live without the most.


Going slightly off topic here but if its a lenovo, I heard they were working with fprint to support all their drivers so some might work…